In bussines since 1984 is a general contractor of building and project manager, with extensive experience in works of all types and sizes, standing out as one of the biggest building company in Central America.
Always has been characterized to be an organization highly transparent, flexible and innovative, able to develop projects of great complexity and importance in strict adherence to high standards of quality.

Since its founding and until today, EDIFICAR has continuously tried to develop a trusting relationship with our customers, guaranteeing them an ethical, transparent and accountable service.
At EDIFICAR we count with a strict Code of Ethics and Business Transparency, to ensure that all projects are elaborated in an objective, honest, and just way. Thanks to this codes EDIFICAR has developt multiple projects for the repeted customers.


Offices in three countries:

Edificar has offices in the following countries:

Costa Rica, where operates as EDIFICAR S.A.

Panamá, where operates as EDIFICAR PANAMA S.A., in partnership with the company MECO, one of the biggest infraestructure companies in Central America.

Nicaragua, where operates as EDIFICAR NICARAGUA S.A., also in partnership with MECO.



EDIFICAR has with more than six hundred thousand square meters of construction works of all kinds.
Among the most relevant projects that has developed includes:

Hotel Marriott Los Sueños, Hotel Four Seasons Papagayo, Hotel Hampton Inn & Suites, Trefiladora Arcelor Mittal, Planta Medica ST JUDE MEDICAL, Planta Médica MOOG MEDICAL, and many others.

Through the years, EDIFICAR has grown up keeping the vision of its founders, offer to their clients a high level of professionalism and high standards of quality.
That’s why they have an excellent reputation with owners, developers, consultants, suppliers and bankers.

Currently EDIFICAR is recognized as a leader in technology and comprehensive quality services in the construction and engineering, and has a high capacity, reliability and dependability.