About us


With over 30 years of experience, is one of the most important construction companies in Costa Rica. We have developed important and complex projects in the hotel, residential, industrial and commercial fields.

Currently, EDIFICAR is a flexible and innovative company, oriented to offer the best construction and project management services. Our people are very talented and highly professional, fully compromised to the success of each one of our projects.


We are a company dedicated to provide the best services in the construction industry.


EDIFICAR will be the preferred construction company in any market where it develops its operation, based on quality, cost and time, through a process of permanent improvement and the best people, maintaining high values ​​of ethics, service and social responsibility.Vision was approved by the Executive Committee on May 19th, 2014


In EDIFICAR we are committed to the continuous improvement of quality, health and safety at work and its quality management system and safety at work.

In order to comply with the expectations of our customers, all activity will be carried out in compliance with the provisions of our standards and procedures of quality and occupational safety, as well as legislation and other applicable requirements. With the participation of workers, efforts will be made to maintain safe and healthy work environments, eliminate hazards and reduce the risks of work, as well as operate in harmony with the environment.

The satisfaction of each client will be the measure of quality in EDIFICAR.